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Shiget Together

Shiget Together
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Shiget Together?
Shiget together was the radio program Shige had from 2005.04.03 to 2008.03.30.

It was 30 minutes long, in which Shige talked a bit about everything and always played music, his fave music. At first just played it, later he created SHIGE RECOMMENDS.

Not only music, but sometimes he talked about movies he watched or books he read...
Why I created this place?

Because Shige taste in music is amazing and I found it very similar to mine. 

I started searching what he recommended for me but I thought that would be interesting if his other fans can have access to the music he plays/likes too.

I only upload to megaupload. Sorry about that.

But if somebody is willing to do mirrors, I'll add them to the posts ^^

The SHIGET TOGETHER programs uploaded are the ones I have, don't ask for the rest, I don't have them.

Other wise, if you have an episode I'm missing, please share ^___^
As much as I would love give detailed credit for everything here, it's impossible.

Shigets come from different sources, clubbox, gogobox, ddl...

Music come from all the places you can imagine and more, lj comms, clubbox, random ddl in google, forums from all over the world, Japanese and Chinese ddl sites, emule, even youtube when I couldn't find it elsewhere... xD

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